Tasty and simple, that’s how we like our pasta. Cappelletti…

Tasty and simple, that’s how we like our pasta. Cappelletti or Tagliatelle, with a rough surface to hold all the condiments that you like! Classic skin or some color with natural vegetables, and some delicious filling! Which one? You choose 😉
All our Authentic GF Pasta and Sauces are handmade fresh in HK by orders and same day delivery to your doorstep. Using 100% Italian Grown Flour & Ingredients, Organic Veggie directly from Farm! No Preservative, No Artificial Additives, & No MSG…..100% Natural & Healthy!
Ordering/Enquiry: Fill in “Online Order Form” in our website, Send us email “info@ilmattarellohk.com”, Call/Whatsapp “9439 1201” or drop us FB message:) Selection of Our Handmade Air-dried GF Pasta and Sauces now available at all shops of CitySuper, Green Common – landmark , 士多 Ztore, Salt&Pepper@DB, Sweetpea Cafe

Visit www.ilmattarellohk.com for full menu and the retail shops location!

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